Vakkert, håndlaget Butterfly Hjerteanheng 25mm med 45cm kjede

Vakkert, håndlaget Butterfly Hjerteanheng 25mm med 45cm kjede

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Vakkert, håndlaget Butterfly Hjerteanheng 25mm med 45cm kjede i valgfri fargetoning, sølv, gull, rosa eller gunmetall (sort ) Se bilder for valgmuligheter på kjede og anheng.. Du oppgir hva du ønsker ( farge på kjede og type sommerfugl ) i merknadsfeltet ved bestilling Jeg kontakter deg for å få bekreftet dine valg. 

NB! Kjede kan leveres i lang utgave dvs 70cm og oppgraderes til 14K forgylt kull og sølv om pristillegg . 




Du kan velge mellom følgende Sommerfugler; 

1. Rainbow Sunset Moth "Urania Ripheus" (Rainbow orange, green, blue & black spots)

2. Magenta Sunset Moth "Urania Ripheus" (Magenta / Hot pink, Teal, & Black spots)

3. Lavender Morpho Butterfly "Morpho Godarti" from Brazil (Iridescent Lavender Blue) 

4. Blue Atlas Morpho Butterfly "Morpho Rhetenor" from Peru (Iridescent Royal Blue)

5. Blue Mountain Swallowtail Butterfly "Papilio Ulysses" from Australia (Black & Blue) 

6. Emperor Morpho Butterfly "Morpho Peleides" from Columbia (Iridescent baby blue) 

7. Sea Green Swallowtail Butterfly "Papilio Lorquinius" from Indonesia (Teal Green & Black).

8. Green Sunset Moth "Urania Ripheus" (Pastel Green & Black spots) 

9. Priam's Birdwing Butterfly "Ornithoptera Priamus" from the Soloman Islands (Lime Green with Black spots)

10. Yellow Tiger Swallowtail "Papilio Glaucus" from N. America (Yellow and black stripes)

11. Asian Swallowtail "Papilio Xuthus" from Japan (Beige with black stripes and orange & blue spots)

12. Morpho Luna butterfly "Morpho Luna" from S. America (White with Owl spots)

13. Monarch Butterfly "Danaus Plexippus" from N. America (Orange & Black with white spots)


Opplysninger fra Kunstneren i USA ; 

These dazzling heart shaped pendant necklaces are handmade from REAL Butterfly wings! (Don't worry, they are eco-friendly and ethically sourced! Scroll down for more information on where I get the wings!) These hearts make great friendship necklaces or unique Valentine's Day & anniversary gifts! This is a gift she will truly never forget! Each butterfly wing is embedded under magnified glass. The butterfly wings are set in your choice of Silver tone metal, Gold tone metal, Rose gold tone metal, Gunmetal, Black, or Bronze 1" heart setting and hung on your choice of a short 18" or long 30" satellite chain.

*NOTE* No Butterflies are harmed in the making of my jewelry! All butterflies are raised on butterfly farms and sanctuaries and allowed to live their full lifespan, which averages about 1 month, and then collected and sold so that their beauty can live on! Butterfly Farming actually helps to preserve rain forests and also assures the survival of natural butterfly habitats. Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects opposed to clearing land for cash crops. I am a member of and donate to the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Rainforest and the many species that live within it, including the Blue Morpho Butterfly!